Nick Howard Music

I think I must be the biggest fan that actually comes from England too, I am a big fan since The Voice, so proud of my Nick. I was at the concert in Hamburg at the Docks and last week at the Secret Garden Party, this was great as I actually got to tell him that I originally come from the Isle of Wight, he was quite impressed with that lol. To get to the point Nick, when you are in the song writing mode again, I've got an idea for a theme, I was wondering if you could write one about not putting things off till tomorrow, I am the biggest procastinater, not that that is a nice word for a song, but I am sure you will find the right words, since I have been listening to you and have watched you building on your success I seem to have improved. Thanks for this push in the right direction Nick. You really make my day every day. Can't wait for the next concert in Hamburg. I will listen out for the song :-) Take care - Love Helenxxx.

Nick Howard Music responded on 12/16/2013

Hey Helen! Great idea for a song! I'll work on that :) Greetings to the Isle of Wight, I haven't been but have lofty aspirations of playing one of your festivals one day :)

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