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Hey my name is Dean Martin and your song "falling for you" is my girlfriend's favorite song and we are getting married in a few years, no time soon but i was wondering if i could ask a huge request and ask him to play at my wedding? simply that one song would repay her for the amazing life she has given me and to see her that happy and surprised on our wedding day is everything i want. I know it is a huge ask and hopefully you have my details to pass on to Nick IF you decide to say yes, my email is and my phone number is 07895509539. All i can say is please consider and email or text me and you would make me and inevitably my wife to be the happiest couple ever. Thank you so much for reading and fingers, toes and everything i have is crossed hoping i get a reply from you! P.S of course i am not looking any of this for free! ridiculous of me to assume that, i will pay WHATEVER it costs, my wife's happiness doesn't have a budget! thank you so much :)

Nick Howard Music responded on 12/08/2014

Hi Dean, firstly - congrats on the engagement! Secondly, thank you so much for having a connection to the song - I love hearing about stories like this.

Any booking inquiries usually go through management so feel free to reach out nearer the time to the following email address and take it from there :)

Thanks again!

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