Nick Howard Music

Nick, great show in Columbus. I noticed that your 2015 tour does not have a Michigan date. We drove down for that show, but would love to see you closer to home. Kalamazoo, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Detroit... Any and all would be receptive I suspect. We will keep our eyes peeled and come to see you when you get closer. Your album was kept us happy on our four hour ride home. Life is great is destined to be a huge radio hit. I do not social media, so I am sure the mailing list will keep me up to date. Thanks for signing my CD. Tony

Nick Howard Music responded on 12/08/2014

Hey Tony, thank you so much for listening and grabbing a CD, I'm glad you're digging it :) Sadly no Michigan dates on the calendar at the moment but hope to make it up soon! See you at a show soon and thanks for reaching out!

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